Leadership Team

iae GLOBAL is steered by a highly complementary management team, who bring unmatched levels of breadth and depth in experience, expertise and business savvy in international education and related fields.

Photo_OJ Kim.jpg

OJ Kim

OJ Kim has been involved in the international education industry since 1986 and started iae Edu Net in Korea in October 1992. Initially commencing his business working with institutions in Australia, NZ, UK and Japan, OJ expanded iae Edu Net’s business to the United States and Canada in 1995. By 1994, he had successfully grown iae to become the top agency among all Korean based agents for Australia and New Zealand.

In 1996, OJ took iae Edu Net to a new level with the formation of the first ever Internet recruitment service among Korean agents. Over the past 10 years, OJ has continued to invest and develop a powerful IT educational recruitment and management system that has more than 600,000 student members, generating over 60,000 online enquiries and delivering 17,000 student enrolments since 2007 from iae Edu Net Korea.

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Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas has a career in education spanning 30 years. He co-founded iae GLOBAL with OJ Kim in 2006. Mark began his career teaching and prior to iae GLOBAL, establishing a language and business college in Sydney. Mark has been active in the private export education sector and is a director and past chair of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET), a former convener of the Affiliation of International Education Peak Bodies and a founding member of the Commonwealth Government Contribution Review Panel in Canberra. Mark was a Board member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) and is on the advisory board of ICEF. Mark has a teaching degree from the University of Newcastle. Recently, Mark was elected as the inaugural Chair of the International Student Education Agents Association, a peak body for Education and migration agents in Australia.

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Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes has more than 20 years’ experience in international education covering a wide area of disciplines. Michael has experience in building businesses and growing marketing teams in Japan as well as Australia. He formerly worked for the Tokyu Corporation in Japan and served as Chief Executive Officer at James Cook University, Brisbane. He has undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in education, ESL and business.


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Hayato Sakonju

Hayato Sakonju brings more than 15 years of experience in international education onto the iae GLOBAL executive table. Much like our Education Planners, Hayato was once an international student himself, having studied and lived in the United States before. Hayato has considerable experience in managing institutions in Japan and a strong Financial and M & A background.