Our story

It all started in 1992...

Started as a single office in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Over the decades, iae GLOBAL has become one of the largest and most diverse student recruitment organisations in the world, regarded as an industry leader in scale, global reach, quality and reputation.

We have a broad-based presence in major student origination countries, as well as destination countries where our partner educational institutions are located and our student clients are seeking to study. This enables us to connect students from China, India, Japan, Korea and other key markets around the world with top-tier educational institutions in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other major destination countries. 

The scale and international reach of our network means we can offer recruitment expertise in, and a balanced, diverse portfolio and nationality mix of students from, a variety of countries. It also means that we have closer relationships with and better knowledge of the institutions our students attend.

Here is a timeline charting our growth over the course of a quarter of century…


We Offer:

  • Diversity

  • Quality

  • Leadership

  • Reputation

  • Partnership

  • Career Success

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